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Controlling analog gain on either v1.3 or v2 cameras


From what I have read before, the only way to set/fix analog gain in the v1.3 camera is by turning exposure mode to 'off'. However, I would like to actually be able to tell the camera what gain to use, as I may initially be taking a dark image, and then taking bright images - with this process, the gain is large for the dark image, and so if I then fix, the bright image just saturates. I should state that I am working with the RAW images, so as far as I am aware, analog gain is the only thing that can be affecting the images if shutter speed is fixed.  I'm wondering now if the v2 cameras might have brought something new to the table in this area? Is there any way of setting the gain - it may not be in the python Picamera module, but perhaps if I delve deeper into the source code will there be anywhere that makes this possible, or is it just a limitation of the hardware? A brief add-on question - if I set exposure mode to 'off' to fix the analog gain, can I still then adjust the shutter speed whilst the gain remains in its fixed state? This is probably pretty easy to test but I haven't got around to trying it yet.

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