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Issues with old analog phones?


I just activated my Telo today. It's a simple setup, with just a single wired phone plugged into the Telo, with no wifi or bluetooth, and the Telo is between the modem and the router. I've adjusted the QoS upstream bandwidth to 2mb, which is what I have on Cox Cable.
I use several old analog phones. Well, they're tone dialing, but no smarts at all. They work fine on my landline, but when using them on the Telo, the outgoing audio is bad. I can hear people clear as a bell, but they tell me I sound raspy and muffled at their end. On the other hand, a more modern phone (has at least one chip in it and can do last number redial) sounds a lot better to them. I've confirmed all of that by leaving test messages on my land line answering machine and on my cell phone's voice mail.
So I'm wondering if the Telo just doesn't do well with old analog phones. Of course it could just be coincidence that all three analog phones have problems and the one modern phone doesn't. But I wonder.

Any help will be apprecited.

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