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Arty for use with Emif


I want to connect an Artix 7 FPGA via Emif to an Texas Intruments MCU. The Arty seems to be a low cost option with a lot of availible I/O to test this connection at low frequency. I would like to use the availible I/O on the Pmods for the data and address lines but i am not sure if the different resistors (0  Ohms and 200 Ohms) and the differential routing on some pmods will cause problems. Can someone advice me if the Arty might be the right board for the job? 

Also are all of the availible I/O 3.3V?


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Re: Arty for use with Emif

All of the Pmod I/O are 3.3V. The differential capability on the Pmods does not eliminate single-ended capability. The 200-ohm resistors are for a little added protection. They can be replaced with 0-ohm.