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Cannot find com port for Arty board

I followed the installatiion instructions in the Getting Started Guide and the GPIO example but I cannot find the com port number required to continue with running the example project.  Does anyone have any instructions for getting the usb cable com port working.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Cannot find com port for Arty board

Have you checked in Windows Device Manager?  You should see the COM port there, it is under Ports COM &LPT.

Of course you did install the FTDI Com port driver, yes?


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Re: Cannot find com port for Arty board

For the atrocity that is Windows 7 ...... I did not follow exact instructions in links. see below.

plug in arty baord via usb cable.


Load drivers see if one of the USB Serial Converters changes in the Device manager window (B in my case). Go to advanced properties for this USB Serial Converter and tick "load VCP" - I have no idea why I did this. Restart PC.

Look in device manager window again, properties of the Ports(COM & LPT) will now show a new COM port connected to Arty - COM6 in my case. plug unplug arty board while looking at Device Manager  "Ports (COM & LPT)" to verify.