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Help for Arty on Laptop - No more IRP Locations BSOD Win10

Background: I have an AC701 board and an Arty.  I installed the AC701 board on my laptop and it seemed to install okay.  When I tried to install Arty I received a "No more IRP Locations" and a Blue Screen of death.  i had just upgraded a few weeks back to Windows 10.

Since then I plugged Arty into a desktop computer I have and it installed fine, also Windows 10 machine.


Can anyone give me any idea why Arty is causing the BSOD and error on the laptop?   I have tried reinstalling and disabling drivers but to no avail.  I'm willing to re-try all this agian but would like some direction as to what to try first, second, third.  I follow directions and give feedback well so whatever you need.

Please help.