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Using of the GTP transceiver on Arty


I am going to build a simple serial transceiver working at around 500Mbps under the Xilinx Aurora 4 lane protocol, anyone can help to confirm the Arty hardware, software and IP support this idea, seems the Artix-7 35T GTP transceiver can do this.






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Re: Using of the GTP transceiver on Arty

Impossible with Arty. The Arty has an XC7A35T-1CSG324I part on it. This part does not have transceivers available at the IC package pins. See Table 3: Artix-7 FPGA Device-Package Combinations and Maximum I/Os In the column for CSG324 the number of GTP is correctly shown as 0. Sorry Nick
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Re: Using of the GTP transceiver on Arty

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your reply and clarify.

As I mentioned, I want to evaluate a simplex aurora receiver at about 500Mbps, can you suggest some evaluation board on the shelf for me to start with? and after to select a cost effective FPGA model, maybe from artix-7 series to build my own board unit, since it is a personal trail at the movement, cost is the thing have to be considered...


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Re: Using of the GTP transceiver on Arty

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noticed that the FPGA used on the ARTY (CSG324) does not appear to have any of the GTP transceivers bonded.The FPGA used on the Basys3 (CPG236) looks to have (2) GTP transceivers bonded? This seems odd because Xilinx advertises them in quads, and doesn't mention anything about that specific package in the pinout documentation (see page 30 of Artix-7 pinout PDF, too large to upload). 1) Has anyone tried using these transceivers on the Basys3? Perhaps through a PMOD interface? 2) Is there a MRCC or SRCC pin available on one of the PMOD which is in the same clock region as one of the GTP transceivers? If It's true, I'll go ahead and order a Basys3.


with regards  VidMate