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Vivado board file

Just received my Arty board and getting setup. Unless I am missing something, which is entirely possible, the board file on the Digilent site appears to be setup for the wrong FPGA. The board file loads but the part is a 7C15 not a 7C35.

I am attaching the XML file.

Any help is appreciated.

Mike Harpe, N4PLE

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Re: Vivado board file

Hey Mike,

Did you get an answer on this?  I just downloaded the file and it looks like it's set up for the xc7a35.  The version you posted is set up for the xc7a15.  If you haven't already done so, you might want to grab the latest.

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Re: Vivado board file



Sorry for your trouble. The XML that you attached did indeed reference the wrong device. I've done some looking at the Digilent site. There are a few versions posted. Make sure you are using the latest, which references the 35T.


2015.1 and later: 

Latest (good):

Older (bad):


2014.4 or earlier:

Latest (good):