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I've followed the directions for just loading the demo. When I run the demo_raw_apps.bat (tried it for 2 of the projects) I get the following:

"xmd is not a recognized as an internal or external command" in the cmd window.

The prior command in the batch file ,"cmd /C updatemem blah blah", runs.

I'm using Windows 7.

I have run anaother project using vivado and the sdk okay.

Help is good


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Re: demo_raw_apps.bat

Help me out a little because Arty has so many support networks it is sometimes difficult to know where the files came from. When you say "demo_raw_apps.bat" where did you get the files? Thanks Nick
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Re: demo_raw_apps.bat

This file is in your demo package I got from:

The package is the Ethernetlite lwIp demo.

The file is in the demo directory. You are told to run this in the document for this example project (under doc)

It is the same in the GPIO demo project. Neither works. What it is supposed to do is program the ARTY with bit stream and elf supplied in the package. You don't have to go through vivado and sdk in other words. In the document for the project it's on page 10.