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Avnet pmod wilink8-g adapter

Hi, I am trying to integrate the Wilink8 modulw with the Zedboar. For this i have purchased one Avnet PMOD WILINK8G adapter. I have attched one file which i have downloaded from website. In this attachment please look at the Figure 1 – TI WiLink™ 8 Block Diagram. Then please clear mine following doubts. 1- In this there are two things i)PS-MOD ii)PL-MOD. From both , 3.3 v is coming ,but by seeing the figure it seems that only the 3.3 v coming from PL-MOD is being utilised to generate the 1.8 v that will be used in both level shifters and 3.3 v coming from PS-MOD is not being utilized. Why i am asking is this because while making the pin connection i have not written anything for the PL-MOD so when i connected mine wifi module , nothing is happening. So am i correct???? So can you please share the full schematic for this adapter board only. Regards Aditya