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Differences between PicoZed 7Z030 REVC01 and REVC04

I have a custom PicoZed carrier board. The PicoZeds that I have been using with it are labeled BD-Z7PZP-7Z030-G REVC01. These have been working. I just received a new batch of PicoZeds labeled BD-Z7PZP-7Z030-G REVC04.
When I plug these new pz boards into my carrier, set them to cascaded JTAG boot mode, and power them up, I get green power good lights on both the pz and my carrier. Then, after a second or so, I see the blue FPGA_DONE light on my carrier light up. At this point, I don't expect the FPGA to have been configured, as it is in JTAG mode. Furthermore, I can not see the device on the JTAG chain.
Are there any differences between the two revisions of the boards that may be causing this? I've already tried changing the position of JT2 to match the PUDC settings of REVC01. This had no effect. 
One more data point to confuse things: When I plug the new picozeds into my Avent FMC Carrier Card Rev C, the boards work as expected.