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Future availability of PicoZed FMC Carrier board

I am desiging a product that (for now) will use Zynq-7000 PicoZed Carrier Card (with FMC) p/n AED-PZCC-FMC-G mated with 7030 PicoZed SOM.

Back in July I ordered a carrier card for devlopment and they were in stock, but this week I went to order more for a pre-production run and the lead time is 8-weeks.  (however the 7030 SOM is in stock)

Can anyone give me some guideance with respect to the future of the carrier card?  Does Avnet quickly obsolete designs such as this carrier card?  Or can I expect to be able to source it for (maybe a year?) while I deisgn my own carrier card to hold the 7030 SOM?

Thank you for any insight you can provide.