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Vivado Block Automation Board Preset Overriding Avnet PS TCL for Picozed

Hoping someone could enlighten me,

I'm using their Picozed 7020 board preset and TCL script for configuring the Zynq PS. When I apply the PS Configuration TCL script provided by Avnet to configure the ZYNQ7 Processing System block diagram, I cannot "Run Block Automation" without wiping out all the changes applied by the TCL script. Is this how it was intended to be used?

Also, when running the Block Automation, the tool complains about "Parameter PCW_EN_CLK0_PORT" not found anywhere. This is a problem with the Avnet files released with the board, is that correct?

My current workaround is to ignore the Vivado Block Automation feature and hook everything manually.

Any help would be appreciated. I am using Vivado 2014.4, will cross post to Xilinx and try to keep replies sync'ed.

Thank you!