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Dear Sir/Madam,

                            I am having  Zed Board having Zynq SoC.  I have bought WiLink8 wifi module and i want to integrate this module on mine Zed Board.The brief overview of this module you can find on this link:- On this link they have provided some scripts file for the MicroZed Board. These scripts are pre written for MircoZed Board and they are using some Yocto Linux for this.Also these scripts are at some repository which is not accessible.

                      So the problem this ......I am very novice to embedded linux development as mine knowledge level in this fiels is zero and i can not use these scripts for mine Zed Board. Can you please tell me a link/video/suggestion/refernece design which can discuss the step by step process for the integration of WiLink8 wifi module with mine ZedBoard on this Yocto linux from scratch.




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Re: Zedboard

I see you have already used the forum on the site, which is the correct place for ZedBoard questions.