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Connection of different Displays to Zedboard ?

In the Making Industrial Touch A Reality, Figure 3 (Zedboard with 7-inch Touch Display Kit) the connections of Display Kit si done through an adapter board inserted in J1 (FMC-LPC) of ZedBoard!?

My question is: what is this adapter board?

I put this question because in documentation of 7-inch Zed Touch Display Kit and in video demonstration presented on Youtube ( is total different presented this connection: through ALI3 Sharp7 Adapter + Zed LCD Interface !

One more question could be now: what is the Display from Figure 3, connected through adapter board presented in the same figure of the White Paper: avt_whp_industrial_v2b.pdf



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Re: Connection of different Displays to Zedboard ?

Hi atibo-zed,

The adapter board that you inquire about is the FMC-ALI3 board which we developed but never released as a product.  

Instead, we released a functionally similar Pmod-ALI3 adapter board which you see in the YouTube video which we were able to prove works on ZedBoard PL Pmod connectors (despite these connectors being powered by 3.3V VCCIO) rather than require an entire FMC slot to be used to add a display to ZedBoard.

The display shown in the photo is the Sharp LQ070Y3LG4A, the same display that is part of Zed Touch Display Kit.