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High Refresh rates (240 Hz) on 800X480 pixel display

Could anyone point me in the right direction? I would like to have an 800X480 pixel TFT LCD display refresh at 240Hz. I would like to accomplish this by modifying the TCON or driver directly. Which development board can accomplish this, preferably with extra headroom in case there are unforseen timing issues?  It was suggested that a Virtex6 board (ML605) could accomplish this. I have the 7" Toshiba display option.


Please advise.

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Re: High Refresh rates (240 Hz) on 800X480 pixel display

I think you mean that you want to refresh a 800x600 display at 240 Hz, correct?


I don't think this is possible without actually using a display with 240Hz refresh specifications.  Most displays specify a range for vertical refresh and for pixel clock.  Both would have to be sigificantly higher than standard in order to support 240 Hz.  I'll ask our display team and see if we have a solution we can offer.


That being said, I'm fairly certain that most applications processors with built-in LCD interfaces will only operate at up to around 60Hz.  So, if you could find the right display, an FPGA solution would probably be the only solution you could use to drive it.