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Preliminary announcement

Avnet is excited that it will soon be releasing two products.


7" WVGA Display Kit

- 800x480 WVGA display, 18 bits-per-pixel color depth

- 350 nits brightness

- Integrated 4-wire resistive touchscreen and touchscreen controller

- LED backlight with integrated backlight controller

- Adapter board for Avnet LCD Interface (ALI)


In addition to the 7" WVGA Display Kit, we will also be releasing an adapter board for the DM355 and DM365 EVM from TI.  This board plugs onto either the DM355 or DM365 DVEVM and adapts it to work with the ALI (Avnet LCD Interface) connection to our display kits.

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Re: Preliminary announcement

Is this kit available now?

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Re: Preliminary announcement



Go to and check out the display kit.


We've also built an interposer board for the TI DM365 and DM355 DVEVMs.  We call it the AIB, for ALI Interposer Board.

ALI stands for "Avnet LCD Interface."  Yeah, real imaginitive name, I know.  But, the interface is very simple, basically a connector pinout standard.


Link to the AIB:


Go to the technical resources and downloads button to access the downloads.  Documentation manuals, appnotes, quickstart guide, and schematics are all available.  As for software, we've created Linux patches against the TI Linux Support Packages (LSP).  We've tested with rev 2.10 of the DM365 LSP and rev 1.3 of the DM355 LSP.


We also included some test binaries as well, to give you a starting point with your kernel and filesystem to check the display out.