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Writing words onto the zed touch display kit

Hi all,


Just wondering what is the best way to put characters strings onto the zed touch display kit?

Is there a function that we can use or do we have to code it ourselves?

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Re: Writing words onto the zed touch display kit

Hi discmon,


If you are running Ubuntu on your display kit, then the text you display could be simply part of your GTK application.  There are lots of guides out there for developing Ubunut applicaitons:


If you are developing using the Standalone application as a starting point, there is no exising character drawing API that I am aware of.  However, I can think of two ways that you could implement this support on your own.  You could use a sprite map similar to what was done in the old PC gaming days and simply write image information to the display containing pixel data to form a letter.  You can get pretty fancy with this method by using graphic design software to create the sprite map.  Alternatively, you could write a library of routines to draw characters on the display by plotting pixels and then write some higher level functions to call the letter plot functions.