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Reference Design

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Hello, I just received my DVI I/O Module for the SP601 development kit. The Avnet website states that there are associated reference designs for this FMC module. Can anyone point me to this reference designs.



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Re: Reference Design



You can find two reference designs for the FMC-DVI on the Spartan-6 Industrial Video Processing Kit page: => click on the "Support Files & Downloads" button


The first reference design is an HDL project, and only requires the Logic Edition of the Xilinx tools:

   App Notes/Ref Designs
     ISE Design Suite 12.2
      > HDL Designs - DVI Pass-Through Reference Design Tutorial


The second reference design is an EDK project, and requires the Embedded (or System) Edition of the Xilinx tools:

   App Notes/Ref Designs
     ISE Design Suite 12.2
      > EDK Designs - DVI/Camera Video Processing and Frame Buffer Reference Design Tutorial
In the archive, there are two reference design specific to the FMC-DVI module:

   IVK_DVI_Video_Processing_Demo - implements a video processing pipeline

   IVK_DVI_Frame_Buffer_Demo - implements a video frame buffer using the S6 MCB and the MPMC pcore