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FMC-Omnivision in ZC706 Environment

Dear All,


I am trying to use the Dual Image Sensor FMC Board in a Zynq 7C706 Evaluation Board.  Here are my steps

1.  Run FMC-IMAGEON – Building a Video Design from Scratch Tutorial.  Got everything working including VDMA using the FMC-IMAGEON module in FMC slot 1.

2.  Insert the FMC-IMAGEOV card with the Omnivision sensor in FMC slot2.  In the .mhs file, replace the HDMI input with the FMC-Omni pcore from the IVK tutorial.  Then I pick the XSVI output from the FMC-Omni pcore and hook it up to the AXI Video-Input pcore.  I also add a second IIC axi module to interface with the FMC2 slot.  The connection is changed to 8-bit Y-only throughout the pipeline.

3.  Regenerate the bitfile and add IIC code to program the clock synthesizer for the camera and the camera itself following the IVK code configured to 720p30.


Then nothing appears on the screen. The data in the VDMA memory does not change indicating nothing is coming from the camera.  The IIC programming seems to be successful where the clock synthesizer does change based on the programmed IIC values and the data is toggling from the camera.


Is this type of setup suppose to work?  I did not encounter this type of problems when I tried to hook up the On-Semi cameras.  I am running ISE-14.3. 


Thanks in advance



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Re: FMC-Omnivision in ZC706 Environment



I'm glad to hear that you were able to leverage the "building a video design from scratch" tutorial to get you started.


Your steps are exactly how I would have attached the design.


Here are some debug ideas:


- have you verified what is being output from the fmc_imageov_camera_in pcore ?

   - use ChipScope to validate that the output is what you expect


- is the "AXI4S to Video Output" core asserting its locked port ?


- is your monitor displaying a valid resolution, but with no content ? 

  or is it indicating that there is no signal ?


- did you change the software application code ?

   - change 1080P resolution to 720P resolution for AXI_VDMA configuration


- did you enable the AXI_VDMA debug code in the app ?

   - in the fmc_imageon_framebuffer_demo.c source code, activate the following lines:

         #if 1 // Activate for debug


            // Status of AXI VDMA

            vfb_dump_registers( &(pDemo->vdma_hdmi) );

            if ( vfb_check_errors( &(pDemo->vdma_hdmi), 1/*clear errors, if any*/ ) )


               vfb_dump_registers( &(pDemo->vdma_hdmi) );








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Re: FMC-Omnivision in ZC706 Environment

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Its written Dual Image Sensor FMC Board only supports virtex 6 and spartan 6. I have ZC702, will this module work for ZC702? And also the camera module is not in stock. Is there any other alternative for camera. I am working on stereo vison, so i'll be needing 2 cameras. Any suggestions ??