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FMC-IMAGEON IP cores for Vivado 2016.4

I'm using an FMC-IMAGEON module with the VITA-2000 sensor with a ZC702 evaluation board and Vivado 2016.4. I'm running into an issue of some of the IP cores's internal primitives being referenced as a black box and failing implementation.

As I understand, the version of the fifo generator has to be updated to the correct one, in the case of Vivado 2016.4 is should be fifo v13_1. In Vivado 2015.4, it was fifo v13_0_1.

Although I changed the version of the fifos used, I still get the black box error.

Would it be possible to update the FMC-IMAGEON IP cores in the avnet hdl repository to work with Vivado 2016.4?