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HDMI Input Frame Rate

I am using the Zynq Base TRD ported to ZC706 and feeding video input to the design using HDMI input on the FMC ImageON card. However for some video sources the video display is not stable and keeps "shaking". (I am not refering to the shake coming from the camera movement, the video feed itself is solid it just gets displayed this way). When I connect my laptop's HDMI output to the FMC, the display is completely stable as long as I select either 24Hz or 60Hz refersh rate. At 50Hz I get this shake. When I plug in my camorder I again get the shake. I have tried setting the camcorder to 24P as well as 30P but I get the same issue.

Are there any specific frame rates that the FMC card and/or the Zynq design expects? Also is it sensitive to the frame rate being 24FPS vs 23.976 FPS (for NTSC)?