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Regarding Git hub for fmchc_python1300c_PZ7030_FMC2_20160223_221823

I bought a product FMC-HDMI-CAM and tried to follow the getting started guide tutorial where it is mention to download the content from a Git hub repository. But the repository  fmchc_python1300c_PZ7030_FMC2_20160223_221823 is not available instead there is fmchc_python1300c_PZ7030_FMC2_20170612_141802. 

The problem with the new repository is that it supports Vivado 2016 (problem with IPs), whereas the Vivado came with my hardware (ZC706) is 2015.4 and it is locked with a license. Therefore, I cannot use any other Vivado version. 

Please let me know how can I proceed. It will be great if required content of mentioned repository can be forwarded to me.

Looking forward to a reply.

Thanking you 

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