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Accidentally stopped F drive repair on computer. Now it won't boot through to Windows and is stuck

in endless BSOD loop.

Apologies in advance because I'm a complete computer noob and don't understand terminology.

This morning, I accidentally switched off my computer from its power outlet while trying to clean my wifi router. When this happened, it was trying to fix the "F" drive. I turned it back on immediately, but I think I jerked the drive or something because now Windows will just not boot through. It says it will go to Automatic Repair and just BSODs again.

The BSOD stop code is: SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED and it says that "ntfs.sys" has failed.

I asked an acquaintance of mine and he determined the malfunctioning hard drive isn't the one used to boot, and recommended that I disable it from the BIOS menu. The problem is, my computer isn't showing me a way of disabling SATA ports individually, so I don't know which one to turn off - my processor is an Intel i3-4130, if this helps.

I turned off one and it just disabled both drives, not just the non-boot one. My computer was cobbled together from different bits and bobs, so there's no particular manufacturer it came from. And I have no clue what to do to remove the drives physically. There's also the issue of whether my data/files will stay or not - I have my important work backed up to Google Drive but there were a lot of bits and bobs that weren't.

Acquaintance says they weren't on the affected drive, so they should be okay, but I don't know. I just want to boot to Windows long enough to back all my files up for now before doing anything else.