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Altera is giving me a headache. Does anybody here use Xilinx products?

Is the Quartus Web Edition so frustratingly terrible because they want people to buy their official version, or are they both godawful because Altera sucks and nobody uses their software? I've always been an Altera user, since that's what I learned in college, but I'm getting to the point where I don't want to deal with Quartus any longer.

For example: only older versions of Quartus support the FPGA I have laying around and want to use on a random project (Cyclone I), but older versions don't support the system verilog constructs I would like to use. I feel like it's always a balancing act of getting the right IDE version vs what code you want to synthesize and which devices you are using.

Has anybody ever use Xilinx's IDE? I know literally nothing about the company, their software, or their products. I'm almost at the point where I'm willing to buy a new programmer, and make the switch...

/edit I think I've misrepresented my issue. I only use Quartus IDE for compiling/programming my FPGA. I do all the development elsewhere.