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Doubts a bout software and development kits.

Good Morning I have some doubts.

Hope you can help me.


We want to buy (AES-S6EV-LX16-G)Xilinx® Spartan®-6 LX16 Evaluation Kit.
      Does ISE WebPACK DVD have full support for this board?
      We are interested in UEF-ISE-EMBD-25 suite, Does this suite have full-suppor for this Spartan-6 LX16 device? Or could you recommend us another university edition?

Does UEF-ISE-SYSTEM-25 design suite have full support for 3A DSP da vinci board(AES-SP3ADSP-DVCI-G)?
         We know that AES-SP3ADSP-DVCI-G includes ISE design suite evaluation dvd. But we would like to use UEF-ISE-SYSTEM-25 with this board.

Do UEF-ISE-EMBD-25 and UEF-ISE-SYSTEM-25 design suites have support for Spartan 3E, Spartan 3, 3A, 3AN, 3AN DSP, virtex-II,  virtex 4, virtex 5, virtex 6, Spartan 6?
         Question is because we have some old and new ones boards.
         This is beacuse we want to  obtain the best of both softwares?


Thank you so much in advance for your attention and support.
Have a good day!
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Re: Doubts a bout software and development kits.

ISE WebPack supports the Spartan-6 LX4 - LX75T devices and devices from many other families. 


An answer to your question about supported tools for the AES-SP3ADSP-DVCI-G board is posted here from an earlier thread.


The university bundles include full versions of the standard tools.   So in order to determine device support you can visit the corresponding Design Tools page on the Xilinx website.  For example, to learn about the software included with UEF-ISE-EMBD-25, simply go to the Design Tools page on the Xilinx website and click on 

ISE Design Suite: Embedded Edition


You may also find this software support matrix useful.  It details device support for all of the Xilinx software tools.