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Embedded Vision Kits / Image Sensor Interface / FMC-IMAGEON /High speed frame rate

Hi there,

I have been trying to figure out what kind of hardware/software is needed for my project. The project is getting the images with a high speed image sensor with a frame rate of 500-1000fps at a lower resolutions such as 160x120,  480x360 pixels or @VGA (any of resolution is okay). The frames will be read with FPGA SoC board and will be saved to external hard drive via FPGA board.


While I was searching online I came across this project/kit (attached) from Xilinx/Avnet. It has an Avnet FMC-IMAGEON (FMC daughter board) with VITA-2000 (Phyton-1300 C as option too) camera/image sensor with Xilinx ZC702 board. It would read the images at 60fps with 1080p resolution, and then do the other tasks ( display the images etc.)

I am basically looking for something like this, but I will be needing more fps at lower resolutions. I know that the necessary arrangements in codes/IP’s shall be made. Other than that, I have these questions popped up in my mind:

Q1: Can this example project do 500+fps with lower resolution (160x120pixels)?
Q2: If not, what is the bottleneck and is there a way to fix it?
Q3: If the bottleneck is the image sensor, can it be replaced with any other, do you sell different embedded vision kits that capable of doing my project?
Q4: If the bottleneck is the FMC daughter board, do you have a better one or do you have any suggestions?
Q5: If the bottleneck is interface, what do you suggest?
Q6: Is there any other way to connect the image sensor to an FPGA, if so would lead/help me to find out?



I am interested in Embedded Vision Kits like this, and board level cameras/image sensors but couldn’t find any similar kits that has an image sensor that has a frame rate that my project requires (500-1000fps at any resolution). If there is one would you send me a link and furthermore I would have some more technical question to be answered ( so if I am reaching out the wrong person please direct me to right one)


Thanks in advance !


Sirac KAYA