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Focus3D Helical issues technical support


We are a pioneer as one of the few in China in trying and testing Faro Fucos 3D Helical mode. Have we been, however, still confident or not ? Regret that some technical issues we have experienced seem without support avalable we can connect efficiently from Faro's sources. 
Our present application is to use Helical TTL mode in syn. with external positioning devices. According to Focus 3D manual, one syn. pulse as Trigger-out signal will be generated for every turn of the scann mirror. Yes, we have confirmed the consistency between the number of mirror turns and the number of scan lines (twice of the turns) in the data file. However, the number of Trigger-out pulses were always less than the actual number of turns by 60-70%.
As a develeopment user, who can give us professional support ? Where can we find useful support materials ?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.