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Is anyone else has already encounter the same issue?


Its not the first time I encouter a problem while recording my voice over for Covoco. I'm using an external Blue Mic-
Everything worked fine and my day was wonderfull and productive.I was recording like a pro. Until, I dont know why, it just stop recording!!!! and my day just got so messed up!!!!!
I might have push a stupid botton but I cant find what it is and Im just loosing my mind right now!
When I set it to record, it does not create file, and it just simply doesnt record!!!!
My preferences audio hardware are fine. My Mic is working, recording track set on Mono.Is anyone else has already encounter the same issue?
It might be something really simple to fix, but I cant figure it out-
It would be great if anyone can suggest me how to get through this.


Any help will be appreciated.
Thankyou .