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VCU110 compatibility with AES-FMC-HDMI-CAM-G

I am using vcu110 FPGA board and want to connect HDMI I/O pins from Avnet AES-FMC-HDMI-CAM-G module to this FPGA via FMC HPC1 pins. Page 7 of shows the HDMI I/O connections (e.g. HDMIO_CBCR[7] on pg 8 is connected to LA20_P on pg 7 see G21 coordinate). 

But user guide of vcu110 shows no connection for LA20_P - G21 coordinate (see column U1 FPGA pin), refer to pg. 118 of 

Any suggestions on how to integrate Avnet board to vcu110 FPGA board for using HDMI pins? Thank you.