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X-Fest 2012: Fundamentals Track Overview

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X-Fest 2012 is right around the corner with our first event scheduled to kick off on April 24th in Irvine, California. A huge part of what X-Fest has to offer is its world-class training courses. This year, we are offering three uniquely crafted tracks, each with four outstanding courses.


In the upcoming months, our goal at Avnet is to introduce and familiarize you with the courses available at X-Fest 2012 because we truly believe that the education we offer is why you come. In this first installment, our spotlight is on the Fundamentals Track. This track is composed of four courses: Powering Xilinx-7 series FPGA’s, Designing with the Xilinx-7 series PCIe Embedded Block, Optimal Memory Interface Design with Xilinx-7 series, and High Performance Clocking with the Xilinx-7 series. In each of these courses, we will be teaching the best ways to practically and effectively utilize the latest in Avnet and Xilinx technology. Looking to get off and running with the Xilinx-7 series? Or just trying to brush up on the basics? This track may just be exactly what you’re looking for. Have questions? Feel free to post to this forum and we will do our best to address your concerns.


In the next two weeks, we will be going more in depth with our profiles of each individual course. Be sure to check our X-Fest Technical Forum, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages often for more updates and overviews of courses and  Of course, it is important to remember that attendees are always allowed to hop between our three tracks to better serve his or her educational goals.  Hurry and sign up today because spaces are limited!


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