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file sharing between vista and xp

Hello all,


I have 2 computers, one running vista and one running xp. The old xp is on it's last leg (hence the new computer) and I need to transfer about 30 gig of info to the vista machine. I do not have a dvd burner on the xp, and I'd rather not use a bunch of cd'sBoth machines are connected to the internet through my wireless router. The laptop vista computer is connected wirelessly, and the desktop xp is connected by cable. The internet works well on both of them, however I cannot get them to see each other so I can transfer files. I tried microsofts easy share download it has on it's site, but the **** thing isn't compatable with my xp machine.So how do I get the machines to see each other and transfer the files? I thought it would be easy since they were on the same router but I guess not. Keep in mind my computer knowlege is limited.


Please help.


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