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mem_wait pin issue in xilinx emc

Hi Techies,


I am posting here to discuss my issue on external memory controller with you brainy.


I tried to access numonyx flash memory using xilinx emc ip. In that they also provided option to connect numonyx memory with microblaze.


While doing so there is a pin with name mem_wait which is the memory wait signal handling pin used for hand shaking purpose between memory and processor.

That EMC ip do have other set of control signals such as mem_wen,mem_rdn,mem_cs etc.,


I assigned pins for all the signals in emc. but, the issue is that mem_wait signal pin alone removed from design automaticlly and it showed the warining as follows,


WARNING:MapLib:701 - Signal axi_emc_0_Mem_WAIT_pin connected to top level port
   axi_emc_0_Mem_WAIT_pin has been removed.


Since it is the input pin of emc which receives signals from external numonyx flash. What should i do to avoid the automatic removal of pin?


Your ideas and suggestions are precious for me.


Kindly, help me to sort out the issue.

I am eagerly expecting the reply from forum members.


Thanks a lot.