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Atmel UC3 and linux

Is the Atmel UC3 family able to run linux?
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Re: Atmel UC3 and linux

As a quick answer we should say no as the UC3 devices do not embed any MMU. However since the latest version of the Linux kernel allow usage of processor without MMU, it becomes possible to support Linux.
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Re: Atmel UC3 and linux

Actually, the mainline Linux kernel only support MMU-based processors.  I think you might be referring to uCLinux for the processors without an MMU.


In any case, the real limitation on any microcontroller platform for uClinux is (1) is there a port already available for it and (2) does it have the memory capacity?  uclinux is likely to take at least 500 kB for the kernel alone.  The filesystem and bootloader are another matter. Doing this is with internal memory might be problematic.