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Atmel UC3

How can I reprogram an Atmel UC3 device with the original bootloader's code?
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Re: Atmel UC3

The AVR32 Studio V2.1 version implements a "Bootloader Programming" wizard.
To open this wizard and reprogram the part follow the step by step procedure:
Open the wizard: right click on the AVR32 Target (JTAGICE mkII or AVR ONE!) and select the "Program Bootloader..." item.
Select the bootloader and its version then click "Next".
Note that the default bootloader type is selected depending on the target part number.
Set the bootloader options and click "Finish" to start programming.
For users of the old AVR32 Studio V2.0, download the attached zip file and read the document supplied in, to get information on how to reprogram the bootloader.
Note that we strongly recommend this users to upgrade to the latest version of the tools: free download available here.
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