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Video Surveillance Kit Ethernet Problem



I have two Video Surveillance Boards (VSK2) and I want to use ethernet port to communicate with PC. I have connected both crossover and normal cables for this purpose but leds on the ethernet port is not blinking. I have also connected the ethernet port of the kit to my modem, but the modem is not assigning an IP address for the kit. I have tried the other VSK kit and it is not working also.


I suppose that there is a hardware problem. Have you got any experiment using ethernet port?


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Re: Video Surveillance Kit Ethernet Problem

Hi There,


The VSK has two modes - sensor evaluation mode and webcam mode.  The ethernet port is only active in Webcam mode.  This is assuming that the firmware loaded onto the serial flash is intact.


Have you followed with instructions in the Quickstart guide on how to start up the webcam application on the VSK?  Basically you have to reset the board using SW1 with pressing SW3.



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Re: Video Surveillance Kit Ethernet Problem