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7A50T board UART problem

I am trying to follow the quickstart guide for the 7A50T board. I installed the UART driver from the link on the quickstart guide. It says it was sucessful and shows up under device manager. When I configure realterm to use this port with the 115200 8 bits 1 stop bit no parity settings mentioned in the quickstart guide I am unable to see any sucessful transmission when pushing switch 8. Also realterm is indicating that there is a "break" condition.


Any suggestions on how to get the UART to USB working for the demo on 7A50T eval board would be much appreicated

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Re: 7A50T board UART problem

Simple question but perhaps very inportant.  What bit file is loaded into the FPGA?  You need to insure that you have a design loaded that has a UART in it.



Nick Hartl