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Changes in REV to Picozed 020 - SOM - G

We have ordered a number of picozeds for a research project over the last 12 months.  The latest batch isn't behaving the same as previous orders, despite the fact that the product numbers are the same.  We are now noticing the revision numbers are different. The latest batch is :


Previous cards were REV B, and REV C02, REV C04

Is there documentation somewhere that lists the changes between REVs, or somewhere I can troubleshoot the differences?

We are using a custom carrier card.


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Re: Changes in REV to Picozed 020 - SOM - G

There was no C06. This is either a typo or a C05 that got smudged during production.

The revision changes are covered by the PCNs which are posted on the site.

Out of curiosity, what is the erratic behavior that you are noticing? Please tell me if you have Micron or Kingston DDR memory on your failing boards.

Sorry for the trouble! I can get you the exact specific changes from one revision to the next if you still want it.



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Re: Changes in REV to Picozed 020 - SOM - G

1. How do I know if I have a Rev C board? I received a board recently that has a sticker with the following: S15-1899, SN:00014. It does not indicate Rev B or C, is this a Rev C board? 2. Is there a document that shows the changes from Rev B to Rev C? Thanks