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Demo on Kintex 7 MMP Development Kit


I have to say that I’m new to FPGA.

I have received new Kintex 7 410 MMP EVM and tried to run demo programmed on the BPI FLASH according to Getting Started Guide. Unfortunately after setting switches according the Guide and powering the board the DONE LED does not light up and also board does not provide any functionality e.g. console output.

All power LEDs are on, USB serial is recognized.

Shall I worried about board malfunction or there is no bitstream preloaded on new FPGA boards in general?


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Re: Demo on Kintex 7 MMP Development Kit

There is always a chance that the BPI Flash has not been programmed by the factory prior to shipment. Would you please go to the K7 MMP web site, download the reference designs, and try them out. This will rule out possible issues with the module.