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How to use an OLED display for an Avnet Virtex4?

I have an Avnet ADS-XLX-V4FX-EVL12-G (Virtex4 Evaluation Board) with OLED display. I used Xilinx EDK 10.1 with Xilinx Platform Studio 10.1 and succeded to upload some basic app to the board (serial communication).

Now I would like to use the OLED display mounted on the board but I have no ideea how to begin. I found the uCLinux distro for FX12 ( platforms.html#avnet_lx25) and I tried to folow the steps descibed in the documentation. When I try to download the .img file to the the specified address it does not work. I get the following error MDM Peripheral Not Detected on Hardware. They say that I should use EDK 7.1 but I have 10.1. Could that be a problem ? (I used xmd.exe from 10.1). There is a support answer on Xilinx ( support/answers/20060.htm) where I have to recompile the netlist but I cannot open the project file in 10.1.

Anyway could you point me a resource where I can find some basic example of using the OLED? Even lighting-up a pixel could be a good starting point ...