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IP_Flow failed to set configurable element (ILA, FMC150, Kintex-7)


We recently got a Kintex-7 with a KC705 dev board and an FMC150 DSP chip - it came with Vivado 2012.3, so that's what I'm using. I'm having trouble synthesizing the reference design that I downloaded (I made sure to get the version matched for Vivado 2012.3). Specifically, I'm encountering a bunch of "critical warnings" of the form

  • [IP_Flow 19-1827] Failed to set configurable element value 'MODELPARAM_VALUE.C_PROBE<n>_WIDTH'.  
  • [IP_Flow 19-197] Failed to set configurable element 'MODELPARAM_VALUE.C_PROBE<n>_WIDTH' to value '16'.

where <n> is a number. (When I synthesize, I get a huge stack of these errors, one for each value of <n> between 0 and 1023.) This corresponds to something to do with the ILA IP block, because C_PROBE0, C_PROBE1, etc. are inputs to the ILA, but I can't figure out what might be going wrong. Does anyone here have thoughts?