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Re: Insight Memec DS-V2LC Documentation

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This documentation is very useful. Thank you very much for your help, sir!

I would also have 2 questions if anybody can answer, please:

1. Which of the following products is suitable for programming my Insight DS-V2LC FPGA Development Board?

     a. Memec Design JTAG Cable Model IJC-2 Programmer       or

     b. Memec IJC-4 JTAG Programming Cable

2. What software design suite can I use for programming this development board?
If the answer is Xilinx ISE, which version does support this FPGA: Virtex XC2V1000 FG256AFT0117?
(I have searched on the Xilinx's site, but didn't find an answer).

Thank you in advance!


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Re: Insight Memec DS-V2LC Documentation

Please open a web case on Xilinx website. They can tell you which version of ISE and JTAG cable you'll need for the V2 device on this board.