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MMP - MAC Address programmed in PHY


Can anyone provide details about whether or not the phy that comes with the MMP is pre-configured with a unique MAC or this needs to be provided by us.

The reported MAC, by default, has a Xilinx vendor ID (00:0A:35) however I did not see any information in the documentation suggesting if this is fully unique or we need to program ourselves.



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Re: MMP - MAC Address programmed in PHY

MMP is not shipped with a unique MAC Address, user needs to provide it.

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Re: MMP - MAC Address programmed in PHY


iPad - iPhone - Android
iPad and iPhone

Select Settings icon
From menu on the left, select General
Select About
Look for Wi-Fi address..this is your MAC address

Go to the Settings icon
Scroll down to About phone
Select Status
Scroll down until you see the Wi-Fi MAC address.
A MAC address should contain 6 sets of HEX numbers for example: 00:A0:23:C9:12:FF

Mac OS X
at the toolbar at the bottom of the screen click on the System Preference icon
or Open Finder click on Applications then double click on System Preferences
or click on apple Icon in upper left corner click on System Preferences
then click on Network
in the Show pulldown menu select Build in Ethernet
for wireless choose Airport or Wireless Adaptor
in the center bar click on Ethernet the Ethernet ID displaeyed is the MAC address