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Video Surveillance Kit booting modes?



I have developed an application software works on VSK and it captures image and sent it over ethernet to PC. The application run on JTAG emulator and it is too slow. I want the system to run as standalone application and I have not used the flash booting property yet. How can I convert the project to the standalone application? 





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Re: Video Surveillance Kit booting modes?

We actually have an example of this in our default VSK firmware.  You need to create a loader file (extension .LDR), which then is programmed into the SPI flash on the boad and is loaded at boot.


You can download the firmware from our website at:,2741,RID%253D%2526CID%253D35741%2526CAT%253D0%2526CCD%253DU...


When you unzip this, open the project group in Blackfin/ADSP-BF561/Micron_sensor_interface_561_VisualDSP50.dpg


In the Project menu -> Project Options you will see the project options.  By default, it creates an LDR file from the executables (DXEs).  Click on the "Load" object on the left and you'll see the settings for the loader.  Notice we have the boot mode set to "SPI" the boot format is set to "Intel HEX" and the width is set to 8 bits.  This project group includes a project called "ADSP-BF561 INIT CODE", which then compiles to an executable that becomes the initizialization file for the loader - notice the reference to this in the "Initialization File:" box.


Hope this helps.