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Vivado license for AES-Z7PZ-SDR2-DEV-G


My customer purchased a AES-Z7PZ-SDR2-DEV-G development kit and was surprised to find it did not come with a Vivado device locked license. He is now considering a AES-MMP-7Z045-G which does come with a license. Can someone explain the reasoning why one does and the other doesn't? I understand the smaller devices are covered by the Webpack.



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Re: Vivado license for AES-Z7PZ-SDR2-DEV-G

Our target customer for PicoZed SDR was not designers who are new to Xilinx. Therefore we assumed the majority of customers would already own Xilinx tools. This proved to be true. Doing so helped us keep the price of the full kit below $2K USD.

It's strange that this customer started with a SOM that includes RF transceivers and then switched to a non-RF SOM.