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DC to DC Design Tools

Where can I find a DC to DC design tool that's easy to use and provides schematic and BOM? 

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Re: DC to DC Design Tools

ST Micro has a new tool that can be found using the following link:

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Re: DC to DC Design Tools

National Semiconductor has a nice new tool.  You can find it by pointing your browser to 


The tool will provide a schematic and BOM as you require.  In addition, it will provide thermal and electrical simulation and allow you to optimize the design for size or efficiency.  The Flash version of the tool is new.

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Re: DC to DC Design Tools

NXP has 2 Design portals live and 1 coming more coming!


To reach all 3:


Brief Description

SimPort makes it easy to calculate efficiency, predict real-world performance, simulate a design, and track your findings. The Active Datasheet lets you vary the test conditions and redraw many of the graphs typically provided in a conventional datasheet. The online Buck Designer prompts the user for a few basic parameters and then calculates the most efficient MOSFET combinations for a given synchronous buck regulator.


PMBus Using the most advantage Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the PIP8000, makes that configuration, control and monitoring of an analog control loop for point of load likely applications during design and production will become less complicated.

The GUI offers the freedom to configure your power system inline with the PMBus command language and physical interface as well as real-time feedback facilities and diagnostics.

The tool is free available 24/7. All you need to do connect the PIP8000 development board or your own PIP8000 to your computer.


SSL Coming Soon!

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Re: DC to DC Design Tools

Maxim's EE-Sim generates an interactive schematic with components you can adjust.  It will output a summary of the design complete with BOM, and it also provides online simulation.  It is very easy to use.  Just pick the part and enter the design requirements.

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Re: DC to DC Design Tools



you can also have a look on Texas Instruments switcherpro.


swtcherpro will


                hep you in device selction,

                provide entire schematic & PCB layout guidence also.