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Power adapter with PSE mark to use at Japan.


I got  "DK-U1-VCU110-ES3-G" from Avnet site.

And we found the power adapter doesn’t have ”PSE” mark. We need to use this kit in Japan also, then PSE mark must be needed in Japan and this rule regulates us to use power adapter in Japan. Then we need the poweradapter with “PSE” mark for VCU110 design kits. Can we get such poweradapter from Avnet? Could you please advise me how and where we can purchase them?

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Re: Power adapter with PSE mark to use at Japan.

That power supply has a Molex connector on the end, we will not have anything like that in stock being it's non standard. I'm surprised you cannot use the supplied power supply for a demo board. If you create an actual product that uses an external power supply and sell it in Japan then it would need to be certified with the PSE mark.