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Power over Fiber suppliers?

Has anyone seen any inquiries re: Power over Optical or Power over Fiber?  This means both data and power over optical transport with no copper.  As far as i can tell, PoF/PoO still seems to be in the experimental and lab status.  However, does anyone know if any of our Linecard Suppliers offer PoF solutions?

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Re: Power over Fiber suppliers?

I never heard of it but did look it up. Seems like the only companies providing it are systems and board companies so I would check with our optical transmit/receive companies. On thing I did notice is it seems they all use off the shelf power supplies to power other electronics on the board and the POF circuit so don't forget to ask for the power supply.
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Re: Power over Fiber suppliers?

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How i can transmit the data from the microcontroller board to any other location?

Which hardwrae required for it? And what level of power required for transmission?

Can you please tell me some information about it?

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