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Switching regulator that supports +20A

Which switching regulator (integrated FETs) do you recommend to support +20A?
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Re: Switching regulator that supports +20A

The MAX8655 from Maxim is a switching regulator with integrated FETs. It supports 25A and has a wide input voltage range (4.5V - 28V).
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Re: Switching regulator that supports +20A

Unless you need an input voltage greater than 20V, I would go with the newer MAX8686 it is smaller and has more features.


In fact if you need more than 25A, the MAX8686 can be paralleled (up to eight) together in a true multiphase mode to deliver up to 200A of output current. When operating in this mode, this device achieves better than 10% current balance between phases at full load. The MAX8686 supports programmable phase shedding to improve system efficiency during light load conditions.