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How To Use a GPS Time Synch Signal on i.MX6 Running Linux for Time Base Synchronization


A customer of ours wants to time synchronize several i.MX6 sensor nodes that are distributed miles apart. They are looking at using a GPS generated 1 PPS (Pulse Per Second) signal to do this. The question is “What is the best way to do this and is there an industry standard method of using the GPS time pulse to synchronize the time base on several i.MX6 processors running Linux.”

The i.MX6 does have a General Purpose Timer (GPT) but unfortunately the timer capture pins on the Digi International Single Board Computer that they plan to  use for prototyping are used up for other functions. Using the General Purpose Timer capture function seems like the most straight forward approach to me but thought I would ask for inputs from the team on other, possibly more industry standard, approaches.

Thanks in advance for the help!