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Avnet S6LX150T Development Board AXI PCIe Endpoint Design

I have been working with the development kit and I have made some headway.


I am currently trying to get our development board to connect to a PC using the PCIe slot.

I am following a guide called "Avnet S6LX150T Development Board AXI PCIe Endpoint Design" which I found here :


I have followed the guide and am able to compile the code and load the resulting .bit file into the FPGA.


However I am not able to see the card in the PCI space.

I am checking this by using the "lspci" command in linux.


I have found one mistake in the guide on page 17.

It says "Modify the


file and assign pin H25 to the sys_reset_n signal. Save and close the UCF.

I have found according to the schematic of the development board that the pin should actually be V20.

 I can also confirm that the FPGA is getting the 125 MHz clock.

Despite this I am still not able to see any results.

Is it possible for you to help me, or put me in touch with someone familiar with the development board?